Alexa submission Tutorial to drive alexa traffic

Alexa is important to know popularity, reviews for your webpage it will help to promote your blog/website/product and most advertisers will see/determine data from the alexa to know about traffic. It is very important to monetize your blog. The lower alexa rank is better for your blog/website. Mine started with 8 digits and lowered to 6 digits but 4 digit is much more better. You can check alexa rank by widget or SEO book toolbar for FF or directly from your alexa account.

How to submit your website/blog to Alexa with step by step guide: This tutorial was written while I was submitting my kids blog Education Free to alexa.

1) Create your account on or login with your Facebook account.
2) Click On the “My Account” tab on the right side corner
3) Go to “dashboard” option
4) Click on “My sites”
5) Click on Add a site blue button same as seen in the image below.

Alexa submit guide

6) Click on Free “sign up” button (Intro plan) other paid options are good for professional websites.


alexa submission step-2, pricing details

7) Enter your website url and click on “Continue”

Alexa submission step-3

8) Now “Clam your site” page will appear and status will be “Not Claimed Yet”

Alexa submission :claim your site
There are 2 options to verify your site same as I have taught in the google and bing submission tutorial
Option 1: Upload a file to is download button to download file and you have to up

Upload the file to the root directory of your site.
Click on blue button stating”Verify the file on your site”

Option 2: This option is easy and non-techique people can do it easily
Add your Alexa verification ID to the home page of They will give some ID and you have to enter it anywhere in the section of the HTML of your home page.
As seen in the image and click on “Verify my ID” option once you have added to the head section.. This id is just as meta tag that we learn to submit site to google and bing search engine.

9) Now as seen in below image it will say processing- it takes 2-3 seconds.

Alexa submission processing

10) Once it is verified it will say “Your site is successfully claimed” with green check mark as shown in the image.

Alexa submission-claimed site
11). Now click on “continue”
12) In the next step “Check My Public Listing Information”, you have to add site information, it is not compulasry though, I prefer to write Site title, site information and select country.If you don’t select the country it will show global rank only otherwise you can see rank in global as well your selected country.

Alexa submission tutorial
13) Click on “Save and Continue”
14) You will see message: Congratulations! You have claimed http://your site name/ with green checkmark. You are done, Now alexa will track how many domain linking with your site, major search querries, same site as you etc in this free Intro plan.

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Submit Blogger blog to Bing and Yahoo Search engine with Meta tag verification

In Nov 21st 2011, Yahoo site explorer was merged with Bing (Hotmail Search engine), a blogger need to submit their blog-website to Bing Webmaster tool. Once you submit your blog to Bing and ping your post then it will appear in both search engine: Yahoo and Bing.  Bing has developed webmaster tool similar to Google Webmaster tool. Process is same as Google Submission Guide. This article is a part of our Bing submission guide for WordPress, Blogspot and weebly so it will be easier for Blogspot blog owner.

1) Sign in to Bing webmaster tool with your hotmail ID

2)  Now, on left side, there is “Add Site” (1.-shown in a image)

3) Add your blog url (# 2 step)

4) Click on “Submit” (#3 step in a image)

How to verify your Ownership of blog in bing webmaster tools with this step by step guide:

Once you add your site, Verify Ownership box will pop up same as below image with three different options. This image is for my recent blogspot blog submission to Bing


Click Option 2: Copy and paste a tag in your default webpage

You will get following type of code, copy it and you need to verify this bing meta tags

<meta name="msvalidate.01" content="CB6BB199E4B2DC8BA1F9BA127A3CB9" />

How to Verify Bing Metatags for (Blogspot blogs)?

1) Go to your blogspot Dashboard.

2) Then go to Design and click on Edit HTML.

3) Look for <head>

4) Below HEAD tag (<head>) past theMETAtag.

5) Click on “SAVE TEMPLATE” button.

6) Now go to your webmaster account and click on Verify button.

Now you all set. Bing takes few days to show impression data of your post/Blog. PS bing is giving $50 credit for your blog’s advertisement just like google adwords.

 Next step after Blog submission is Sitemap submission and Pinging. So stay tuned for my next post

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Submit Your Site/Blog to Bing: Bing Search Engine Submission Guide for WordPress, Blogspot,Weebly

Bing is good search engine and they have developed nice webmaster tool and giving out $50 ad credit for signing up. You can advertise your blog/website on  bing or yahoo with this credit. It is important for webmaster that they get traffic from various search engine. It is possible if you submit your blog to their database. So today we will learn how to get traffic from Bing with step by step guide for various blogging platform such as wordpress, Blogspot or Weebly.

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Submit Blog/Website to Search Engine: Guide for blogspot, WordPress and Selfhosted blog is a search engine, though google is a Father of all, we can not ignore Reason is that some regional search engines crawl data from Ask. So if your blog is submitted to Ask, you will be have a higher chance of getting traffic from other small search engines.

Problem for bloggers who use free blogspot, wordpress, typepad can not create xml sitemap because they can not upload any file in root directory, hence here is a guide for submitting blog to via ping.

It is one second process, so do it right away.

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How to Make Sugar Crystals:Make Rock Candy:Temperature effects on Sugar Crystals-Winning Science fair project

I was so happy when my both kids won special award and first price in the Science Fair Project. It is little harder to teach scientific words to elementary kids. But, if you teach any scientific terms with some experiment then kids can learn faster. These happens to my nine year old daughter. let’s begin with the project. Presentation of science project contains few steps.


Following are the main steps of any science fair project

1) Title of the project

2) Question problem/statement

3) Prediction/ Hypothesis

4) Materials/Procedure

5) Variables

6) Data analysis and Graph/Diagram

7) Conclusion/Summary of  the research

8)  Resources/bibliography

9) My Experience

Let’s start with all those steps: In my daughter’s own words with the help of all resources.

1) Title of the project: 

“Cooling Effects on Sugar Crystals”


2) Question problem/statement:

Which temperature affects the growth of sugar crystals the most?


3) Prediction/Hypothesis:


I think sugar crystals grow faster in the room temperature than the refrigerator based on several Google results and theory of crystalline structure.


 4) Materials/Procedure:

Materials and Equipment:


Jars, Permanent marker, sugar, water, food color, pipe cleaners, pencils and paper napkins, pan with handle, burner (cooking range)


1) Get two jars and label it as “Jar A” and “jar B”

2) Get two pencils and two pipe cleaners. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the pencil and make sure it doesn’t touch the bottom of the jar at least two inches above the bottom.

3) Keep this pencils and pipe cleaners by side.

4) Get a pan; pour two cups of sugar and one cup of water. Stir it for 2 minutes.

5) Keep the pan on the burner and let it boil till bubbles appear. Let this step be done by parents.

6) Let it cool down for two minutes and pour this syrup equally into “jar A” and “Jar B”.

7) Pour two drops of food color in “Jar A”

8) Take two pencils wrapped with pipe cleaners and drop the unwrapped part of each pipe cleaner into each jar.

9) Now keep “Jar A”-red sugar syrup into the Refrigerator and “Jar B”- plain sugar syrup in a safe place and at room temperature. Cover with paper napkin to make it dust-free.

10) Now sugar crystals will grow on pipe cleaners.

11) Every 24 hours measure the growth of crystals of both sugar crystals for 4 days as shown in the Data chart.

12) Repeat all steps for Trial-2 and Trial-3.

Safety Concerns:

1) Let an adult do the boiling and pouring part of this project.

2) Keep hot sugar syrup far from a little children.


5) Variables:

Controlled Variables:

1) Same amount of water and sugar.

2) Same brand of sugar.

3) Start growing crystals at the same time.

4) The same length of pipe cleaners.

Manipulated Variables:

1) The temperature of the crystal growth location that is cold and room temperature.

Responding Variables:

1) The growth rate of the sugar crystals.

2) Amount of chunks of crystals.

3) To determine the crystal growth rate, I defined the pipe cleaner with the most crystal growth as 100% and if no growth than it is 0%. I estimated the percentage between 0% to 100%.

6) Data analysis and Graph/Diagram

Day Amount(%) of crystal growth at room temperature Amount of crystals growth at cold temperature
1 10% 2%
2 40% 5%
3 75% 10%
4 100% 15%

Click on the image for larger view.

Graph of Day Vs Amount of crystal growth at room and cold temperature







Which temperature make crystals growth faster?




 7) Conclusion/Summary of  the research:

I accept my hypothesis because at room temperature, sugar crystals grow faster and chunks was bigger in compare with refrigerator temperature (cold).

The result of this experiment makes me wondering that it would be the same result if I use slat, snow flakes and other crystals.

Summary about Crystals: this is taken from the online library, wiki and other resources.

What is Crystals?

A crystal consists of solid matter that is formed from ordered, three-dimensional arrangement of atoms, molecules, ions.


It means forming crystals.

Crystal forms whenever solid is made out of fluid, vapor etc. Like sugar crystals is made up from carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Salt is made up from sodium and chloride ions and snow flake from water vapor.

Shapes of Crystals:

Shapes of Crystals:

There are about more than 20 shapes of crystals but most popular are cubes, hexagonal and prisms.

Examples of Crystals:

Table salt and sugar, snow flakes, Diamond,

sand, marble etc.

First scientist studied about crystals:

Crystallographer. After his name the studies of crystals growth, shape, geometry is called as “Crystallography”

What is sugar?

Sugar is a white powdery substance that we use to sweeten our food, but it is actually more than that. It is also known as “Sucrose” that comes from two source plants: Cane and Beet. Sugar forms crystals that are almost perfect cube shape. It is made of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

8) Resources/bibliography:



3) I googled out a few words and learned about crystals, atoms, molecules, ions etc.

4) My mother helped in boiling sugar water syrup and pouring in the jar.

9) My Experience:

I was glad to do this fun learning experiment. I learned so many things about crystals like shapes, kinds, Crystallization, atoms etc. This was my first experience about making my own, yummy “rock sugar candy” too.

The End


Make your child understand basic science about crystals and I will explain about atoms,molecules in a simple way in my next post.

Help them to do some science projects in this summer vacation. It will be fun learning process.





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Top 5 ways to drive traffic to your blog/website:SEO techniques

Are you new to Blogging? Do you update your blog once in a week but No Visitors? If you have those problems then my friend you are at right place. Today, I am here to post my experience about driving traffic to the Blog?Website/Articles.

(1) Submit your blog URL to Various Search Engines:

Though submitting blog to the Search engines is a little hassle but once you will do this then Search engine’s bot will crawl your data and store in their database. So submit your blog to the Google, Bing, yahoo, Alexia, Blog Catalog etc. May be I will post how to guides in my next article.

(2) Use Social Networking and Bookmarking Websites:

Don’t use Social Networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut etc only for Chatting and uploading pic but use to share your blog post, Content with your friends and families.

Bookmarking Websites have higher PR so if you share your post on Stumbleupon, Digg, Xomba and shetoldme, it will be easier to appear your blog post in the Search engines.

(3) Keywords and Meta Tags for your post:

First of all, you should know what is keywords and Meta Tags! Keywords are important words of your post/Article Eg; If your post is about Poems written by Kids then keywords will be kids, poems, writing. When someone search for specific keywords which you have tagged them will easily appear in the search engine. So tagged them wisely.

You can use Meta tags for your blog or website. It will not useful for Article submitting websites. One can use Free WordPress plugins to generate Meta Tags.

(4) Backlinks:

Your blog should be backlinked to the various websites which has good PR. Submit an article related to your blog and include your blog’s link in the post. There are free article submitting websites such as Trions(for beginners), Xomba, Hubpages, Yahoo contributor …

(5) Create your Blog’s Facebook Fan Page:

Recently I read the news about Facebook and Google that FB knock down Google in the most visited website. So create your blog’s page @ Facebook. Stay tuned for my article about How to bring fans to your Fanpage.

Happy Blogging!


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iframe to html:Useful in posting facebook’s fan page on your blog/website

Once you create a facebook fan page for your blog/article, you will get a iframe code to embedded into your blog so when people like your article, they will become your fan itself from your blog and they will get updated from your new post as well.

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WordPress Visual editor (Visual tab) of post is not working? Get solution for this problem

Hello folks, today I have a same problem what title is suggested. I was worried when my WordPress visual tab of post was not working. Because of visual tab, “upload/insert” was also not working. I searched on the Internet, browsed wordpress forum but didn’t get actual solution. After lots of trial and error, I succeeded after doing few steps. Sometimes it happens when you update your wordpress version.

Here are few steps:

1) Deactivate all plugins. (This solution is present everywhere on the Internet). For me, it didn’t work. If you have problem like me then follow 2nd step.

2)  Remove .htaccess file from wp-include folder.

3) Clear (delete) all browser cache and also use w3 total cahce plugin to remove all caches within your blog.

4) Still didn’t work?  After that check your folder’s permission number through your cpanel- File manager or through FTP.

Hmmmm here I had a problem. When I was trying to upload some plugin, it asks me to make some directory/folder writable and by mistake I had changed the permission of  wp-includes. So keep permission “755” for your wp-includes directory.

My blog only had a few posts when I encountered this problem. So I thought if I delete all database and reinstall wordpress, I will able to solve this problem but it didn’t work until and unless I changed my permission number to 755.

So guys Check Permission number of Your Directories before deleting all data, re installation of wordpress etc.

I did mistake so this would be my first post. I will repost my other articles again.


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