Vanilla Fruit Salad with custard and Milk-Indian Dessert recipe

Fruit salad is a very popular dessert in the northern India, especially inGujaratand Maharastra. It is served with fluffy Puri, so make Instant fruit salad with this super easy recipe. Without fruit it is called as “Custard Milk” First make custard milk and then add fruits in it that is known as a Fruit Salad. I will use this custard Milk in my next recipe called Tiramisu (Italian cheese cake). [Read more…]


Tofu Spinach Tomato Salad: Low Calorie and High Nutritional food/ Recipe

Tofu is rich in Protein and iron while spinach is a rich source of  iron as well. So combination of both will give you new High Nutritional,  low caloric and easy to make recipe . You can add Roma or cherry grape tomato, carrot to this recipe as well. I have used steamed tofu but other option is to bake tofu. Add this healthy salad in your lunch and stay fit and healthy.

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