Make Whole wheat flour halva/Sheera in 7 minutes with step by step picture guide

wheat sheera-baby food

Whole wheat Sheera/Halva

Whole Wheat Jaggery (Halwa Sweet), a Gujarati sweet dish is very healthy for kids as it is made from whole wheat flour(gehun atta), jaggery and ghee (clarified butter) as well as it is an instant recipe for a surprise guest at lunch.Learn how to  make  Sheera/Halva  with wheat flour in 7 minutes and serve it hot. Bhajiya/flitters/pakora with sheera will add more flavour in your lunch. I had introduce solid food for my daughter (when she was 10 months old) with this healthy sheera. [Read more…]


Easy recipes cilantro-Green chutney with coriander and peanuts: Make all types of green chutneys with this guide

Coriander-peanut chutney

Cilantro chutney/Sauce

Chutneys are MAJOR elements of Indian food. Nowadays restaurants such as  “chutneys Indian restaurant” are named after these mouthwatering chutney recipes. It is easy and quick to make. It stays fresh for a week and if you refrigerate(frozen) it in a airtight container then it stays fresh for weeks. You can serve this green chutney (Hari chutney) with Chaat, Khaman, Patra, dahiwadi, Batatawada, Beetroot paratha, ragda patties etc. Green chutney can be served as spread, dip and condiment. I have included various variation in the green chutney with coriander (cilantro), mint and tomatoes. [Read more…]


Make Plain,Methi, Dudhi Thepla in 10-15 minutes- Gujarati Recipe

Homemade theplaTheplas are Gujarati’s favorite  meal across the globe,. It is eaten while traveling, picnics and of course our regular meals too. It stays fresh for 4-5 days because the dough is made from sour curd/buttermilk. So here is an Easy recipe for all types of theplas (Indian spicy flat bread) Methi( fenugreek), Dudhi (bottle gourd) etch thepla with this easy step by step guide

A Pictorial tutorial will help you to make Theplas. [Read more…]


Doodhi or Bhat na Muthia: Rice Muthia- Easy Gujarati Recipe

doodhi na Muthia/Bhat na muthiaMuthia is nutritious steamed dumplings with lots of varieties such as rice, methi, Palak, Cabbaage, MixVeg Muthia. With my simple recipe, you can make any type of muthia either with any veg or rice.

Yesterday, I’d leftover rice and in evening I made delicious rice muthia. You can have it as a snack/appetizer/dinner/Side-dish. It can be served with green chutney or tomato catch-up and of coerce tea is the best combination with it. [Read more…]


Easy Patra-Alu wadi-pathrode Recipe with step by step guide

Patras ((Patarveliya) are rolled and steamed leaves of the Taro leaves (Arbi patta) coated with chick pea flour, spices,sugar and lemon. This leaves are known as Colocasia, large leaves. Gujarati people used it in patra recipe while in Andhra cuisine, it is used in Pulusu. In Gujarat it is known as Patarveliya while in Maharastra Alu wadi, and in Karnataka it is called as pathrode

Collard greens is an alternative for Arbi patta/Colocasia as In US, it is hard to get Taro leaves but you can easily find Collard greens in the American and Chinese grocery store. So my today’s recipe is Patra or Patra bajia from Collard Greens. [Read more…]


Step by step guide to make Tikha Gathia/spicy crunchy gathia-gram flour-Besan gathia

Tikha (spicy) gathia is popular Gujarati household snack made from gram flour (Besan). It is perfect snack while traveling, well for kid’s lunch box and Diwali dish. It is one of the ingredients in the different mixtures (chewdas). It is crunchy and spicy as you can add spice according to your taste. Let’s learn Spicy, crunchy tikha gathia:

[Read more…]


Guide for Masala Puri/Kadak Tikhi puri/Spicy Kadak Puri/Sweet poori/Panipoori:Make all types of Puri fast and Tasty with this guide

Kadak tikhi puri is an easy to make and it is dry Crispy breakfast, stay for a month. It is delicious Snack for Kids and adult While Traveling on Vacation. Here is a Step by step guide to learn how to make tikhi (Spicy) Kadak puri. Eat Kadak puri with tea/coffee. As we know on some occasions such as Diwali, Parusan Indian people prepare best dishes at home; you can include this snack dish too. I have included recipe for Masala puri, Sweet,mithi puri and panipuri’s puri recipe too. Learn how to make all type of  puri’s at once.

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Instant Dahiwadi,Khandvi, Suralichi wadi in 8 minutes with Step by Step Guide

Make your Dahiwadi (Khandvi, Suralichi Wadi) in 8 minutes. Here is a step by step guide to make instant khandvi(Chickpea flour roll with hot and sour taste). Dahivadi or Khandvi is a Gujarati Snack dish while in Maharastra it is known as a Suralichi Wadi. So let’s start with Ingredients. [Read more…]