Make Whole wheat flour halva/Sheera in 7 minutes with step by step picture guide

wheat sheera-baby food

Whole wheat Sheera/Halva

Whole Wheat Jaggery (Halwa Sweet), a Gujarati sweet dish is very healthy for kids as it is made from whole wheat flour(gehun atta), jaggery and ghee (clarified butter) as well as it is an instant recipe for a surprise guest at lunch.Learn how to  make  Sheera/Halva  with wheat flour in 7 minutes and serve it hot. Bhajiya/flitters/pakora with sheera will add more flavour in your lunch. I had introduce solid food for my daughter (when she was 10 months old) with this healthy sheera. [Read more…]


Coconut Chocolate Rolls with Cadbury Bornvita-Make Kids friendly Dessert in 5 minutes

Today, I’ve tied to make Easy kids friendly coconut-chocolate rolls  recipe with Cadbury  Bournvita. The bournvita taste was awesome instead of coco powder but Lookwise coco powder+Milk powder rolls are better so here are the both recipes. 5 minutes time is just for preparation of two dough(Layers). Refrigerator time will be 5 hours.

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Instant shrikhand recipe with sour cream(Substitute of Yogurt)

Make shrikhand just in three minutes. Is it believable? Classic shrikhand recipe takes too much time and effort so I always bored upon making shrikhand at home but today I’ve tried to make shrikhand with Sour Cream and it turns out very well. My friends love this dessert recipe and they can’t believe that it is made out of Sour cream. I think it will help you when you want to make any instant dessert with lots of variations. Well, let me introduce “Shrikhand”..Shrikhand is a sweet, flavored Indian yogurt with fruits or Saffron, nuts or Mango chunks/pulp.

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Tiramisu Cheese Cake recipe with homemade ladyfinger biscuits and mascarpone cheese

Tiramisu, a classic Italian cheese cake is a perfect dessert for valentine day. Surprise your beloved with this Italian treat. Usually the main ingredients of Tiramisu are mascarpone cheese, ladyfinger biscuits, whipped cream and eggs. I am a pure vegetarian and I did not find mascarpone cheese and ladyfinger biscuits from my local grocery store but none of these circumstances stopped me from making this delicious treat. My valentine is on foreign trip and I will treat him with this lovely, delicious cake so today, I’m here to share Eggless Tiramisu cake with homemade lady finger biscuits and Mascarpone cheese substitute. [Read more…]


Vanilla Fruit Salad with custard and Milk-Indian Dessert recipe

Fruit salad is a very popular dessert in the northern India, especially inGujaratand Maharastra. It is served with fluffy Puri, so make Instant fruit salad with this super easy recipe. Without fruit it is called as “Custard Milk” First make custard milk and then add fruits in it that is known as a Fruit Salad. I will use this custard Milk in my next recipe called Tiramisu (Italian cheese cake). [Read more…]