Review- Blair Candy

Blair Candy ReviewLong before Willie Wonka made his chocolate bars famous, sugar rock candy and shoe string licorice were established stars in the confectionery lineup. You might remember the thrill of exploding Pop Rocks or the fun of savoring a Slo Poke. Everyone waxes nostalgic for a favorite flavor from years ago. Retro candy is making a sweet comeback, and you’ll find it in specialty shops and online stores. These delicious bits and bites are showing up in other surprising places too.

Imagine shaking a birthday present and trying to guess what’s inside. If it makes a rattling racket, chances are that gift is filled with boxes of Mike and Ike candy. Old-fashioned sweets are the latest trend in giving for any occasion, and part of the fun is sharing the great taste. Candy almonds are a staple in wedding favor boxes, but they’re losing ground to Airheads and Atomic Fireballs. Retro candies are an inexpensive way to bring on the smiles and bring back the memories.

From anniversaries to high school reunions, theme parties are fun, and you can make yours sweetly original with a retro candy buffet. Ask guests to bring their favorites to your next get together for a potluck dessert table. Everyone feels like a kid again when they’re swigging sweet sips from a wax Nick L Nip bottle. Finish off the evening with cinnamon toothpicks for a celebration everyone will remember with a smile. For more ideas and great selections, take a look at the wonderful collections of nostalgic candy at BlairCandy.com.

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