Easy Hot Red Chili Garlic Sauce Recipe in 5 minutes

Usually I eat Sriracha hot chili sauce with my Chinese food like Manchurian, Fried rice, spring rolls, and noodles. But today I ran out of this sauce and when my son asked for it, I suddenly remember my Bangalore friend had given me her homemade hot sauce recipe seven years ago and I tried to make it today. It was a test of my memory too. Isn’t it? I’m happy to say that it turned out very well so make this hot dry chili garlic sauce at home in 5 minutes

Ingredients for Hot Chili Sauce:

• 20 Dry red hot chilies

• 10 peeled Garlic cloves (Optional)

• 1 cup rice vinegar

• 1 cup water

• ½ tsp salt

• 2 and ½ tbsp sugar

How to make hot chili sauce at home? – Direction:

• Remove red chilies steams

• Mix all ingredients in a Food processor/Blender.

• Blend it for 2 minutes-if it is needed then add more water and blend it for more 3-4 minutes.

• So..hot sauce is ready in 5 minutes. Isn’t it easy? Your feedbacks are always welcome.

Make home made hot dry chili sauce in 5 minutes with this easy and quick recipe. Serve it with delicious Chinese-Thai-Vietnamese recipes. Even you can add ½ tsp in any spicy recipe to add an extra flavor.

Pictorial Tutorial to make Hot Chili garlic-Chinese-Thai-Vietnamese-Mexican sauce:

My Empty Sriracha hot chili sauce bottle :)

I use this hot chili sauce for marinating tofu recipes and tofu-spinach salad.

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  1. Good Food Good Friends says:

    I put hot sauce on just about everything. I can’t wait to make my own!

  2. Radhika says:

    You can use this hot sauce on doses too…..especially those who are calorie conscience……n want to avoid coconut chutney, this is a absolute delicious option….

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