Coconut Chocolate Rolls with Cadbury Bornvita-Make Kids friendly Dessert in 5 minutes

Today, I’ve tied to make Easy kids friendly coconut-chocolate rolls  recipe with Cadbury  Bournvita. The bournvita taste was awesome instead of coco powder but Lookwise coco powder+Milk powder rolls are better so here are the both recipes. 5 minutes time is just for preparation of two dough(Layers). Refrigerator time will be 5 hours.

Ingredients for Coconut Layer:

coconut, bourn vita, milk

  • 1 cup dry coconut powder
  • 1/3  cup powdered sugar
  • ¼ cup ghee
  • ¼ cup milk (use milk as needed to make dough)

Ingredients for Coco(Chocolate) Layer with Bournvita:

  • 1 cup Cadbury bournvita
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • ¼ cup ghee
  • 2 tsp milk

Direction to make Coconut Chocolate Rolls:

  • In a bowl add first three ingredients that are coconut powder, sugar and ghee then add milk to make dough. Don’t add milk at a time, just add as needed and make coconut dough pile.
  • In other bowl add bournvita, sugar and ghee. Then add little tsp milk to make Cadbury dough.
  • Roll the coconut dough into round shape roti with use of Plastic wrap (first take plastic wrap, grease it, put dough and cover again with plastic wrap-now roll it with rolling pin)
  • Put this coconut roti (Layer) in a dish. It will break but manually give a shape.
  • Same way roll Cadbury-chocolate dough into round shape roti and put on a top of coconut layer.
  • Now roll both rotis in a cylindrical roll and cover it with plastic wrap.
  • Refrigerate it for five hours. Then cut into pieces.
  • Because of bournvita, you can not make outer chocolate layer ( Coconut layer on a top of chocolate layer)
  • Check more pictures of this direction on our food picture blog


 Use coco powder (2tbsp) +Milk powder (1 cup) + sugar + ghee + Milk to make chocolate layer. First spread chocolate layer and put coconut layer on top of it and make a tight roll so outer layer will be brown and inner will be white. Refrigerate it for 5-8 hours and then cut into pieces. It will look more beautiful but I want to try with bourn vita and this layer was stickier so I can not use as an outer layer but the bournvita taste was awesome.


  1. meena says:

    wow sona this is some interesting combo. my kids are all grown up and they dont have bournvita or would have tried this. long time no post from you. was about to mail u

    do check out my samosa recipe and today wud be another one

    • admin says:

      Hehe..I’ve to use my left over Bournvita because now a days my kids drink chocolate milk but you can try with coco-milk powder. It will serve as a good sweet.anyways,thanks Meena for stopping by this recipe. I will check your samosa recipe and will learn some new variation.

  2. simple easy quick is kid’s friendly dish

  3. maha says:

    very new 2 me..looks yumm n delicious too….nice space vth awesome recipes n cool pics..happy 2 viist here…..keep in touch in my space when u fine find free time……….

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