Tiramisu Cheese Cake recipe with homemade ladyfinger biscuits and mascarpone cheese

Tiramisu, a classic Italian cheese cake is a perfect dessert for valentine day. Surprise your beloved with this Italian treat. Usually the main ingredients of Tiramisu are mascarpone cheese, ladyfinger biscuits, whipped cream and eggs. I am a pure vegetarian and I did not find mascarpone cheese and ladyfinger biscuits from my local grocery store but none of these circumstances stopped me from making this delicious treat. My valentine is on foreign trip and I will treat him with this lovely, delicious cake so today, I’m here to share Eggless Tiramisu cake with homemade lady finger biscuits and Mascarpone cheese substitute.

Main Ingredients for Tiramisu:

1) Mascarpone cheese or Substitute for Mascarpone cheese

  • Kraft Philadelphia cheese cream 8 oz (226 gm)
  • ½ cup Sour cream
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 oz butter

2) Thick Vanilla Custard Milk-1 ½ cup

3)  Ladyfinger biscuits-12 pieces or Plain Sponge cake

4)  Craft Cool Whip-12 oz (340 gm)

5) Sugar- ½ cup or to taste.

6) Unsweetened Coco Powder.

7)  Black Coffee-1 cup (2 tsp coffee in 1 cup warm water)

8) Raisin chocolate and m&m or chocolate leaf for decoration (Optional)

Preparation for Mascarpone cheese substitute:

If you get Mascarpone cheese, then you don’t need to do this step

Mix cheese cream, sugar, butter and sour cream. Beat it properly. Check below image for ingredients.

Procedure for Icing:

  • Beat mascarpone cheese or substitute, Thick vanilla custard milk and cool whip or heavy whipped cream together. Beat it gently for two minutes.

Cake Preparation:

Step by step images for Tiramisu recipe

  • Deep ladyfinger biscuit in a coffee liquid and put in a dish or container.
  • Now top it with Icing and spread evenly with butter knife.
  • Keep the 2nd layer of ladyfinger biscuits (deeped in coffee liquor) on top of the first layer and spread icing on it. Same way, you can do for three layers.
  • Now sprinkle(dust) coco powder on the top of it with sieve(gurnee)
  • Decorate with m&m or chocolate leaf.
  • Refrigerate it for 6 hours.
  • Serve chilled. This cheese cake is softer then our usual cake. So you can even serve in an ice cream cup and give desired shape, I’ve given Heart Shape.

Tip: Before serving, Keep in the freezer (Upper part of the Refrigerator) for one and half hour otherwise it will become very soft and loose.

Check  Step by step Tiramisu Pictures Here

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


  1. Sravani says:

    Tiramisu is my fav !! very yummy and tempting one !! Thanks for linking to the event !!

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    Wonderful recipe! Thanks for sharing with my event :)
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    Yum , Yum and Yum..! Best treat in the world. Thanx for linking it to the event..!

  4. Bins says:

    hi i like ur recipe of tiramisu…i plan to make a similar dessert of this kind-but i want to add cake as well to this recipe…do u think it will work and at what layer i should add the cake?do advice.


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