Doodhi or Bhat na Muthia: Rice Muthia- Easy Gujarati Recipe

doodhi na Muthia/Bhat na muthiaMuthia is nutritious steamed dumplings with lots of varieties such as rice, methi, Palak, Cabbaage, MixVeg Muthia. With my simple recipe, you can make any type of muthia either with any veg or rice.

Yesterday, I’d leftover rice and in evening I made delicious rice muthia. You can have it as a snack/appetizer/dinner/Side-dish. It can be served with green chutney or tomato catch-up and of coerce tea is the best combination with it. [Read more…]


Easy Patra-Alu wadi-pathrode Recipe with step by step guide

Patras ((Patarveliya) are rolled and steamed leaves of the Taro leaves (Arbi patta) coated with chick pea flour, spices,sugar and lemon. This leaves are known as Colocasia, large leaves. Gujarati people used it in patra recipe while in Andhra cuisine, it is used in Pulusu. In Gujarat it is known as Patarveliya while in Maharastra Alu wadi, and in Karnataka it is called as pathrode

Collard greens is an alternative for Arbi patta/Colocasia as In US, it is hard to get Taro leaves but you can easily find Collard greens in the American and Chinese grocery store. So my today’s recipe is Patra or Patra bajia from Collard Greens. [Read more…]


Samosa-Potato (Veg) Stuff Pastry-SuperEasy and Quick Recipe

Samosa is a popular Indian snack. With this quick easy recipe, you can make delicious Samosa at home with so many variations including Samosa wrapper choices and samosa-chola.

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Easy, quick and Tasty Batata vada/Aloo bonda/Vada Pav recipe

Batatavada is a famous Gujarati/Maharastrian Chaat dish. In South India it is known as a aloo bonda. Batatavada is a deep fried spicy potato mix balls and usually serve with green and sweet chutneys.Here, is an easy and quick home made recipes for Batata vada

You can put this vada in a  Pav(Bread loaf)  with Garlic chutney in it and it will become a World famous mumbai’s “VadaPav”. It is a very easy to make with your desired variations of Potato stuffing. Make boiled potato ready to cook faster.

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