Guide for Masala Puri/Kadak Tikhi puri/Spicy Kadak Puri/Sweet poori/Panipoori:Make all types of Puri fast and Tasty with this guide

Kadak tikhi puri is an easy to make and it is dry Crispy breakfast, stay for a month. It is delicious Snack for Kids and adult While Traveling on Vacation. Here is a Step by step guide to learn how to make tikhi (Spicy) Kadak puri. Eat Kadak puri with tea/coffee. As we know on some occasions such as Diwali, Parusan Indian people prepare best dishes at home; you can include this snack dish too. I have included recipe for Masala puri, Sweet,mithi puri and panipuri’s puri recipe too. Learn how to make all type of  puri’s at once.


How to make Crispy Kadak Tikhi Puri?


1) wheat flour- 1 cup

2) Jeera(cumin seeds)-1 tsp

3) Oil- 2 tbsp for dough and oil for deep fry

4) Salt to taste

5) All masala(Spice)- 1tbsp red chilly powder, 1 tbsp dhanajeera(coriander-cumin) powder, 1tbsp Haldi-Turmeric powder

6)  Ajwain’s seeds(Bishop’s weed/seed)-1 tbsp

7) Water

Method for Tikhi Kadak Masala puri:

1) Mix all ingredients in a bowl except deep frying oil. Add water to make hard dough. If you make loose dough then poori will be puffy. We need Crispy Poori. So make sure to use little water.

2) Keep aside for an hour

3) Divide dough into marble (your desire) size balls

4) With rolling pin flatten it in 4-5 inch circle. I’m using my tortilla maker (roti maker) for rolling those puris.

5) At Once make all puris and Dry them on paper towel/cloth for 1-2 hours.

6) Prick puri (Make small, Closer holes_ with toothpicks on both side. Because of these tiny holes, puri won’t puff up and it will be crispy and stay fresh up to a month.

7) At last, Heat oil in a kadhai and deep fry the puris at once on medium heat until it turns golden brown and crispy

8) Drain puris on a paper towel to absorb extra oil.

9) Let it cool down for some time and then store in the airtight container.

Variations in Puris:

Masala Puri:

It is Very popular in Gujarati people. Masala Puri is puffy puri that is served with Veg curry (mainly Potato curry) or it is good with tea (Breakfast).

Instead of hard dough, use little more water and make dough like Paratha dough. To make puffy puri, don’t make holes and don’t dry it. Roll 5-6 puris at a time and fry it immediately. Now these puris will puff up and it stays fresh for 2-3 days.

 Sweet (gur) Kadak puri/gur ki mithi Kadak puri

For this puri, you don’t need any masala…all you need is jaggery and ghee.


1) 1 cup wheat flour

2) ½ cup jaggery (to your taste)

3) ½ cup of water

4) 2 tbsp pure ghee+ ghee for frying

5) Green cardamom powder -a pinch


1) Mix ½ cup of jaggery+ ½ cup of water and heat on a low heatl until jaggery will be melted completely.

2) Mix wheat flour+2 tbsp ghee+ green cardamom powder in a bowl

3) Add jaggery water and kneed into stiff dough.

4) Cover with a damp cloth and keep aside for an hour.

5) Divide dough into small balls (your desire size)

5) Roll out each ball into 3-4 inch circle.

6) Prick puris with toothpicks or forks.

7) Deep fry it in ghee over a medium heat until it turns golden crispy poori.

8) Drain them on a paper towel.

For Panipoori’s Puri, check following Link

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