Instant Lemon Rice Recipe in 3 minutes: Easy step by step guide to make Lemon Rice at home

Lemon rice is a south Indian dish and it is very easy to make, it is good dish to take  along with you while traveling. Sometimes I use my leftover rice to make this dish. Yahooallinone.com has both recipes for fresh rice or leftover rice. Enjoy variety of  delicious recipes from your leftover food. This dish can serve with raita or poppadums. Let’s start with Ingredients.

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Instant Dahiwadi,Khandvi, Suralichi wadi in 8 minutes with Step by Step Guide

Make your Dahiwadi (Khandvi, Suralichi Wadi) in 8 minutes. Here is a step by step guide to make instant khandvi(Chickpea flour roll with hot and sour taste). Dahivadi or Khandvi is a Gujarati Snack dish while in Maharastra it is known as a Suralichi Wadi. So let’s start with Ingredients. [Read more…]