Pilates with Exercise Band, Ball and Bosu: Thursday Class for Lower body Pilates

Thursday class is for Lower body so most of the exercises are related to Hips and thighs.

Pilates with Bosu and Roll -Tuesday class

Tuesday Fitness Video

Hello friends, today is Tuesday and we have Pilates class. It is 60 minutes class and we use these following equipments.

(1) Bosu or Bosu ball-for advance user(I personally don’t use this because you need to be balanced and it works on powerhouse)
(2) Roll or roller– it is called Pilates Foam Roller and name itself suggest that it is made of foam. It will help you to improve balance. It really helps me to use my powerhouse.
(3) Pilates band– It helps in stretching exercises. You can get variety of colors. main brand is Stott but I got rubber band from Target, in $1-$2.50 section.
(4) Yoga mat– this is important to have because sometimes we have to kneel on our knees and mat will make us comfortable.

Now let’s start: Remember don’t watch only but do all 6 parts of (1 Hour) exercise with professional trainer.