How to check if your new/recent post or page has been indexed by google

If you update your blog regularly, google will crawl your blog often and your new post will get indexed quickly in the google search. You can check whether your webpage/recent post has been indexed by Google or not with this following simple step. You can even check when (exact date and time) your blog post is indexed.

Go to and search for

cache:your blog/post/page url(link)

If your blog post is not indexed, it will give you 404 error same as seen in the  image below.

google Error 404 (Not Found) when blog post is not  indexed

Whenever you publish your new blog post or page, check that post url after 1-2 days, depends upon Page rank of your blog, how regular are you updating and promoting your blog. My two years old blog was not updated(once in a month or two)  and promoted for a while so a month old post is not yet indexed and got 404 error while my kids are writing post every day and their new blog posts are getting indexed within three-four hours. Rock on kids… If your blog post been indexed in google, you will see snapshot of the cached copy same as seen in the image below. Double click on image for larger view.

Cached copy of your blog post to check whether your blog post is indexed or not in google

 Best way to get your blog and blog post indexed faster in google:

  1. Submit your blog to google webmaster tool-Tutorial
  2. Submit your blog to Bing webmaster tool-Tutorial
  3. Check our SEO category for easy tutorial to get your blog indexed faster.
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How to find Royalty Free Images/pic for your blog/website With Google Image search option

Just like Photobucket, Google images also have an advance search option that is a little unknown, so here is a tutorial about how to find licence free images on Google Images for your blog /website post.

  1. Go to (advance search link) or go to and on the left hand corner, click on the Image option. Then search for an image related to your topic. On the right hand side click on a tiny flower like image that will show you four options. Click on the second option which is Advanced Search.
  2. Fill out any one box according to your need in the “Find Images” option.
  3. Remember to select the 3rd option which is “free to use or share, even commercially” or the last option “free to use, share or modify, even commercially in usage rights and search imageGet Royalty free image on google search
  4. Download the image of your choice and you can use it for your project, blog/website.It is always good to give credit(attribution) to  the photographer of the image you are using. This way you are at  google safe search in the terms of copyright..


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How to add facebook like and send button after and before each post in Blogspot(blogger)-Easy tutorial

Today, My blogger friend asked this question and here is an easy solution for blogspot blogs as well as other free blogging platforms.

  • Go to blogger dashboard under my blogs

  • click on Template as shown in below image. (double click on image to view in full screen)This image is for dofollow blogdirectory blog Facebool like and send button in blogspot blog tutorial
  • Click on” Edit HTML” button.
  • Check the box Expand Widget Templates.Back-up your template if you are not confident.
  • search for <data:post.body/> by pressing CTLR+F key.
  • Add following code before <data:post.body/> (if you want to add facebook like and send button after your post title.
  • <div id=”fb-root”></div><script src=”″></script><fb:like href=”” send=”true” layout=”button_count” width=”500″ show_faces=”false” font=””></fb:like>
  • If you want to add Facebook like and send button in the end of your blogger(blogspot) post, add same code after  <data:post.body/>

Another sharing widgets are:

1) Sharing is sexy widget

2) Share the knowledge widget , Share the wealth etc

3) ShareThis, 

4) AddThis

google out those words and you will find codes, you have to add code same as shown in this tutorial.

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0 Feedburner subscribers on March 21st- 2013-Again same problem as Sept 2012?

Today, I’ve noticed again that the Google feedburner subscribers counter is showing “0” readers as we had seen in September 2012. Check the below image. I’m wondering if it is bug problem or  if Google is going to announce a shutdown of this service? The Feedburner service is very good for small bloggers who can’t afford paid subscription services.

For the WordPress users, it is good that we have Jetpack Plugin to maintain subscribers by post, comment and the blog itself. I am thinking about switching this service in for a better one. What do you think?

Anyways, you can check your feeds via Feedburner AC. Mine was working up to March 17th. You can download  the  CSV of your subscribers through the EXPORT option. In “Show stats for” option select March 17.

It is definitely some Google bug because, last time when this problem occurred, it was working up to September 17th and this time, the last feed count is shown at March 17th.

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Tutorial:How to add Nofollow tag/attribute to external Links/Affiliates Links

In my previous post I had described differences between Dofollow and Nofollow links and how you can change your entire Blogspot and WordPress blog/website dofollow or Nofollow. Today in the further series of Dofollow and Nofollow I will teach you how you can change particular links to Nofollow links. Google is not in favor of dofollow links to affiliate(paid) Links. So you need to add Nofollow attribute to your external links especially if you are writing about work at home jobs, adding banners in your blogspot blogs besides Google Ads or your blog is about Affiliate marketing. I did same mistake. While writing several post I had given full credit (dofollow Links) to particular sites in Network to increase traffic to your blog and my some other posts too. As a result this blog’s Pagerank is still on 2. It is not changed since last year. Pagerank  is very imp to drive traffic/SEO

How Internal link should be?

Internal links should be dofollow because they connect to your previous posts. It will point to your domain only so internal links should be dofollow.

How External Links should be?

External links are links that are pointing to other domains. So lets say I’m writing in  in my post that means  It is pointed from yaio to Google. So I’m sharing my link juice to google or anyother x.y.z website. This is not good for our blog/website. If you get links pointed to your domain is good but links pointed from your domain will hurt your SEO work.

How to add nofollow attribute/tag to external links?

you  have to put in this rel=”nofollow” tag


<a rel=”nofollow” href=”www.AffiliateLink/?r=name”>Click Here To Sign Up</a>

<a href=”www.AffiliateLink/?r=name” rel=”nofollow”>Click Here To Sign Up</a>

 how to do the nofollow tag and open the click to a new window:

Edit your post and click on HTML.

<a href=”www.AffiliateLink/?r=name”rel=”nofollow”target=”_blank”>Click Here</a>

or you can add rel=”nofollow” before href. Both are same

How to add nofollow tag and open the click in same window:

<a href=”www.AffiliateLink/?r=name”rel=”nofollow”target=”_self”>Click Here</a>

Difference between new window and same window option is

rel=”nofollow”target=”_blank” and rel=”nofollow”target=”_self”

I think this tutorial will help you identifying links and how to change attributes . By default most hosting site’s post links are set to dofollow. So change it as fast as you can. If you like this post please share.

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Submit Blogger blog to Bing and Yahoo Search engine with Meta tag verification

In Nov 21st 2011, Yahoo site explorer was merged with Bing (Hotmail Search engine), a blogger need to submit their blog-website to Bing Webmaster tool. Once you submit your blog to Bing and ping your post then it will appear in both search engine: Yahoo and Bing.  Bing has developed webmaster tool similar to Google Webmaster tool. Process is same as Google Submission Guide. This article is a part of our Bing submission guide for WordPress, Blogspot and weebly so it will be easier for Blogspot blog owner.

1) Sign in to Bing webmaster tool with your hotmail ID

2)  Now, on left side, there is “Add Site” (1.-shown in a image)

3) Add your blog url (# 2 step)

4) Click on “Submit” (#3 step in a image)

How to verify your Ownership of blog in bing webmaster tools with this step by step guide:

Once you add your site, Verify Ownership box will pop up same as below image with three different options. This image is for my recent blogspot blog submission to Bing


Click Option 2: Copy and paste a tag in your default webpage

You will get following type of code, copy it and you need to verify this bing meta tags

<meta name="msvalidate.01" content="CB6BB199E4B2DC8BA1F9BA127A3CB9" />

How to Verify Bing Metatags for (Blogspot blogs)?

1) Go to your blogspot Dashboard.

2) Then go to Design and click on Edit HTML.

3) Look for <head>

4) Below HEAD tag (<head>) past theMETAtag.

5) Click on “SAVE TEMPLATE” button.

6) Now go to your webmaster account and click on Verify button.

Now you all set. Bing takes few days to show impression data of your post/Blog. PS bing is giving $50 credit for your blog’s advertisement just like google adwords.

 Next step after Blog submission is Sitemap submission and Pinging. So stay tuned for my next post

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2012 Feb Google PR Updates : New pagerank is updated after three months

Today, I was surprised to see my few months old website got PR2. In November I had written a blog post about prediction for the next google panda updates and it comes true. Google has maintained its three month PR update cycle too with this new updates. Since I had moved this blog to a new domain two months back, I was little worried about Page rank but good news is that page rank arrow is moved from PR1 to PR2 after this migration and I didn’t loose any backlinks. My all major Blogs, including this home blog, food blog and fitness blog is at PR2. My other work at home blog is not updated for 9 months so it drops down to 0.

I’ve noticed that most of my favorite old blogs (friend’s blogs) PR remain same but new and regular updated blogs have got good page rank including this blog. It doesn’t seem that High PR has good traffic but it definitely add a color in your blogging. It will help your blog posts to be appeared in the major search engines.

What is Page Rank and how it affects to your blog?

If you are new to blogging, you should know about pagerank factor, just writing a blog is not enough but you need wider viewership to read your blog. You should read my detailed post about what is google page rank?

Check your website/blog’s PR HERE and write about it in the comment box. I’ll be happy for you if this blog has helped you in your blogging journey. Congratulation!!! Who achieve their goal with good PR and if you are at same as before then good luck and work hard for better result in the next Google Panda updates. See you on May 2012 for next Google pagerank updates.


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Image tutorial to Submit Blogspot/blogger blog to Google through verify meta tags option

This is Very easy guide to submit your Blogspot blog to Google webmaster tool. It is the most efficient way to get your Blogspot/blogger blog get indexed quickly in Google Search engine.

Actually this is the part of my previous post about how to verify meta tags for all blogging platforms.

  1. First sign in to Google webmaster tool through your gmail account
  2.  Now click on “Add a site”. Add URL and click on continue.
  3. On Next page, you will see page about “Verify ownership.  Check below image.
  4. you have to choose” Alternate method” Select first option that is “Add a meta tag to your site’s home page” I’m trying to add my fitness blog so you will see fitness blog’s url As soon as you will select first option; you will see verification code as shown in the below image. 

You now have to verify your ownership of particular blog/website  by adding this meta tags in the <head> section of your template.

Verify google meta tags for users(Blogspot blogs)

If you are using same gmail account for and webmaster tool then you will be automatically verified but if you are using different gmail for webmaster tool then follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to your Blogspot Dashboard.
  2. Then go to Design and click on Edit HTML
  3. Look for <head>
  4.  Below HEAD tag (<head>) past the META tag.
  5. Now click on SAVE TEMPLATE button.
  6. Now go to your webmaster account and click on Verify  button.
  7. You will get following message

    “Verification successful

    Congratulations, you have successfully verified your ownership of —–your blog url/.



    Next step for indexing your new and old post is “Submission of Blogspot Sitemap to Google Webmaster” and learn what is sitemap and how to submit 500 blogspot post at a time with this guide.




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How to make Blogspot-blogger blog private? How to Send Invites for blogger blog

Step by step blogger tutorials to make your Blogspot blog (blogger blog) private. Learn settings of the Blogspot Dashboard with this image tutorial. Learn how to send blogger blog invites to friends-family. Privacy will help you to create your personal family photo blog as Google+ has already announced unlimited photo sharing space to their users. Blogspot is Google’s product so you can upload unlimited photo to your Blogspot blog with different categories and share your personal blog with family and friends just like picasa , photobucket , flicker etc. Today’s tutorial is about “Blogger Permission Settings” that includes setting of  privacy, adding authors and send invites.

 If you are not member of google+(plus) then first sign up with your gmail and add me in your circle if you wish..

How to Make Blogger blog (Blogspot Blog) Private?

  1. Login to your blogger-blogspot blog
  2. Under Basic, there is Let search engines find your blog?, Select “NO” and click on “Save Settings” Remember that blog is still viewable. You can restrict your blog to only readers you choose. These readers will need to log in before reading your blog. For personal blog I want my blog only viewable for my friends and family. So we need to do further settings. Following image will show you how to give permission in Blogspot blog.
    1. Click On Settings
    2. Now click on “Permissions”
    3. Under Blog readers, select “only these readers” By default it is “Anybody”
    4. Enter email IDs with whom you want to share your blog just like picasa/photobucket
    5. Click On “Invite”
    6. Now invite will be sent and guest (inviters) need to confirm their invitation by clicking on the confirmation link. They will get following message in their inbox

The Blogger user Sona has invited you to read the private blog: Your Blogspot url

To view this blog, visit:————

You’ll need to sign in with a Google Account to confirm the invitation. If you don’t have a Google Account yet, we’ll show you how to get one in minutes, or you can view the blog as a guest for up to 30 days.

Tips: It is better to enter your friend’s gmail ID else you have to send them invites every month because as a guest (Non googlers) can view your blog for upto 30 days.

Now you can make your own photo blog with different categories just like I did.

For my personal photo blog I have created different folders(labels) asDisneyland, Space Needle,Niagara,Las Vegas, Kids, Parents, foreign trip, Tajmehal etc etc..and my friends and family can view those pictures at any time, no hassle of searching picasa/photobucket albums in the inbox.

How to Send Invites for your non-private blogger blog?

Do you want more viewer ship for your blog? of course non-private means your blog will be appeared in the search engines. AS Search engine is the best way to get traffic to your blog but Friends and family members are the best viewers So send them invites by checking 1st option “anybody” and enter their email IDs so they come to know about your creative work.

Some of you may be lover of free wordpress blog, here is for WordPress user guide  to make WP blog Private

How to add Authors in Blogspot-blogger blog?

Sometimes 2-4 author contribute blogger blog so you need to add authors. In the above image, you can see that there is Under Authors, there is “Add authors button” click on that and enter their email IDs

Happy Blogging!!!

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