0 Feedburner subscribers on March 21st- 2013-Again same problem as Sept 2012?

Today, I’ve noticed again that the Google feedburner subscribers counter is showing “0” readers as we had seen in September 2012. Check the below image. I’m wondering if it is bug problem or  if Google is going to announce a shutdown of this service? The Feedburner service is very good for small bloggers who can’t afford paid subscription services.

For the WordPress users, it is good that we have Jetpack Plugin to maintain subscribers by post, comment and the blog itself. I am thinking about switching this service in for a better one. What do you think?

Anyways, you can check your feeds via Feedburner AC. Mine was working up to March 17th. You can download  the  CSV of your subscribers through the EXPORT option. In “Show stats for” option select March 17.

It is definitely some Google bug because, last time when this problem occurred, it was working up to September 17th and this time, the last feed count is shown at March 17th.

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  1. Could you elaborate more on other subscription services compatible with Blogger?

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