Animal Rights Essay-Middle school Essay


This is a persuasive essay about animal rights. Animals should be treated better because animals support human life, animals also feel pain, and animals are just like humans. I believe that animals should be treated fairly.



Animals support human life because they are used as food, their skins used as jewelry, purses, furniture, coats etc. Also sometimes animals are used as a comfort to children as pets. Also animals are cruelly used by some people for experiments, usually resulting in an animal’s pain or an animal’s demise and the human’s benefit.



Animals are also like humans because they eat, breathe and also feel pain. If you were to skin a beaver, dog, cat, or mink, the animal would feel pain. All animals were given birth by parents like all humans, and most of them feel a parents love like most humans.



People with very little or no money would have to hunt to feed their families so hunting in some regions of the world would be okay because people might have no jobs or ways to earn money or if there is no other way to find food.


Credit: This essay is written by my 11 year old boy.


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