Free Microsoft Windows phone offer- Swap your old Smartphone for New Windows phone

On twitter Microsoft has announced Windows Phone Challenge.  Swap any Smartphone for a B&M Windows Phone (no contract!) – This offer is valid up to 3/29.

This offer is ending in 4 days. There are 10 prizes per store. If you win this challenge then you will get Hunger Games Special Edition PC, valued at over $1000. And if you lose then get free windows phone.

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So many people got new Samsung Focus S, HTC but there was so much rush. Unfortunately my state doesn’t have any microsoft participant store.

Check Microsoft store Location HERE

AZ, CA, NJ, IL, MN, TX, VA, WA and GA  have those Microsoft content store.

Here are some guidelines:


you can take any cheap, crappy old smartphone and swap it for your choice of almost any new Windows Phone.

Go to your local B&M Microsoft Store and tell them you want to take the “Windows Phone Challenge.”
2) Lose the contest.
3) Fill out recycling paperwork.
4) Give them your crappy, old smartphone.
5) Walk away with a brand new Windows Phone with no contract attached.

Resource: Slickdeals

Hope some of you will grab this deal…

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