2012 Feb Google PR Updates : New pagerank is updated after three months

Today, I was surprised to see my few months old website got PR2. In November I had written a blog post about prediction for the next google panda updates and it comes true. Google has maintained its three month PR update cycle too with this new updates. Since I had moved this blog to a new domain two months back, I was little worried about Page rank but good news is that page rank arrow is moved from PR1 to PR2 after this migration and I didn’t loose any backlinks. My all major Blogs, including this home blog, food blog and fitness blog is at PR2. My other work at home blog is not updated for 9 months so it drops down to 0.

I’ve noticed that most of my favorite old blogs (friend’s blogs) PR remain same but new and regular updated blogs have got good page rank including this blog. It doesn’t seem that High PR has good traffic but it definitely add a color in your blogging. It will help your blog posts to be appeared in the major search engines.

What is Page Rank and how it affects to your blog?

If you are new to blogging, you should know about pagerank factor, just writing a blog is not enough but you need wider viewership to read your blog. You should read my detailed post about what is google page rank?

Check your website/blog’s PR HERE and write about it in the comment box. I’ll be happy for you if this blog has helped you in your blogging journey. Congratulation!!! Who achieve their goal with good PR and if you are at same as before then good luck and work hard for better result in the next Google Panda updates. See you on May 2012 for next Google pagerank updates.


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  1. Hey.. Congrats for your PR. :) I checked mine and finally I got PR 1… Till now I was on 0.. Took it seriously two months back only…

  2. Hey Sona, you are really doing well and nothing to surprise on your PR update. This is all result of your hard work.

  3. I have been Pagerank 2 from Mr. Googlle.. hhe

  4. hi sona, congrats about rank. for me when i started blog i had no ideas about it but later was happy to see alexa rank improving later becoz of domain change the alexa has suffered and all this time my page rank was 0 and yesterday i checked its at page 2 now so happy about it. hope alexa also improves. i may have missed your other post about rank would read now

    • Same here Meena..Last year, I was a beginner so didn’t care about Mr G, I was blogging for my internet friends only but now looking forward to get organic traffic from the search engines as well. I don’t think Alexa play more imp role in driving traffic, if you see Alexa page for facebook page, result is not believable.
      Thanks for your compliments and Congratulation for your hard work:)))

  5. Hi, Sona ,Congrats about your Page Rank, My Blog also got a PR2, but now a days I am a little worried about my Alexa Rank ,and for now it’s my aim to get good Alexa Rank, what about you, after PR2 what’s your technique to increase your page rank in next update?

  6. congratulation! even my blog is new and i was glad to see that it got a pr2. although i dont understand all these technicalities but it feels great!!!!

    nice post.

  7. Some people are saying that next PR update is in April / May.

    Anyways, we are eagerly waiting for the next PR Update, after February we have done a lot of hard work on our Mobile Prices website and let’s see what’s the reward :) – Good luck everyone

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