How to make Blogspot-blogger blog private? How to Send Invites for blogger blog

Step by step blogger tutorials to make your Blogspot blog (blogger blog) private. Learn settings of the Blogspot Dashboard with this image tutorial. Learn how to send blogger blog invites to friends-family. Privacy will help you to create your personal family photo blog as Google+ has already announced unlimited photo sharing space to their users. Blogspot is Google’s product so you can upload unlimited photo to your Blogspot blog with different categories and share your personal blog with family and friends just like picasa , photobucket , flicker etc. Today’s tutorial is about “Blogger Permission Settings” that includes setting of  privacy, adding authors and send invites.

 If you are not member of google+(plus) then first sign up with your gmail and add me in your circle if you wish..

How to Make Blogger blog (Blogspot Blog) Private?

  1. Login to your blogger-blogspot blog
  2. Under Basic, there is Let search engines find your blog?, Select “NO” and click on “Save Settings” Remember that blog is still viewable. You can restrict your blog to only readers you choose. These readers will need to log in before reading your blog. For personal blog I want my blog only viewable for my friends and family. So we need to do further settings. Following image will show you how to give permission in Blogspot blog.
    1. Click On Settings
    2. Now click on “Permissions”
    3. Under Blog readers, select “only these readers” By default it is “Anybody”
    4. Enter email IDs with whom you want to share your blog just like picasa/photobucket
    5. Click On “Invite”
    6. Now invite will be sent and guest (inviters) need to confirm their invitation by clicking on the confirmation link. They will get following message in their inbox

The Blogger user Sona has invited you to read the private blog: Your Blogspot url

To view this blog, visit:————

You’ll need to sign in with a Google Account to confirm the invitation. If you don’t have a Google Account yet, we’ll show you how to get one in minutes, or you can view the blog as a guest for up to 30 days.

Tips: It is better to enter your friend’s gmail ID else you have to send them invites every month because as a guest (Non googlers) can view your blog for upto 30 days.

Now you can make your own photo blog with different categories just like I did.

For my personal photo blog I have created different folders(labels) asDisneyland, Space Needle,Niagara,Las Vegas, Kids, Parents, foreign trip, Tajmehal etc etc..and my friends and family can view those pictures at any time, no hassle of searching picasa/photobucket albums in the inbox.

How to Send Invites for your non-private blogger blog?

Do you want more viewer ship for your blog? of course non-private means your blog will be appeared in the search engines. AS Search engine is the best way to get traffic to your blog but Friends and family members are the best viewers So send them invites by checking 1st option “anybody” and enter their email IDs so they come to know about your creative work.

Some of you may be lover of free wordpress blog, here is for WordPress user guide  to make WP blog Private

How to add Authors in Blogspot-blogger blog?

Sometimes 2-4 author contribute blogger blog so you need to add authors. In the above image, you can see that there is Under Authors, there is “Add authors button” click on that and enter their email IDs

Happy Blogging!!!

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