Unlimited online photo storage Service-How to get unlimited picasa photo storage

 Google+(Plus) is becoming popular nowadays,and I come across the great feature about unlimited free photo sharing space but wait.. that is the only for google+ users.

Let’s discuss the differences between  picasa photo storage limit  for regular google user’s and new google+ members.

 Picasa for Regular Google users:

1) Free size limit:

Free unlimited storage counts towards 800×800 pixels of photo and 15 mins video. But 10mp camera’s jpg photo files are 2500×2500 pixels so these photos are not count towards free storage.

2)  Over the free size limit:

So all uploaded photo over the free size (800×800 pixels) limit is 1GB. After crossing this limit, either you have to upgrade the membership else photo will not be uploaded online.

Picasa for Google+ Member:

1) Size limit:

Photo size should be 2048×2048 or Google + will automatically resized higher resolution image to 2048×2048.

2) Storage Limit:

No 1 GB limit. That means unlimited photo storage and this is a big perk from google+ over google user

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So whom are you waiting for, use sign up link for google+ profile with your gmail and use unlimited picasa storage. I’ll share other advantage of being on google+ in the coming days.

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  1. Thanks for coming up with this new feature. Now I’ll make google+ profile to use this free space

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