What’s good about 11/11/11and 11 am/pm 11 sec so total five 11s

The 11/11/11event only happen on one day every 100 years. You can read the same forward as backward. If I could live a 135 years then I would see11/11/11 again but I don’t think this would happen . Numerologists believe this number doesn’t have positive/negative aspects while some believe Number 11 is auspicious.November 11, 2011,11am/pm, 11 secs (11/11/11)…Five 11s will align for the first time in the century. It is reported that everywhere, marriage halls are booked for wedding while hospitals are booked for Delivery as parents want their child to be borned on11/11/11


“11/11/11”, a new horror film is made for this event. My daughter’s school is celebrating11/11/11by putting 11 stickers, 11 rubbers, a necklace with 11 beads, a shirt that has number 11 on it, 11 bangels/braclet and my boy has going to have Disco party at11/11/11/11/11am. Social media, online communities are also celebrating this event in their own way. Everyone is celebrating11/11/11so why not Momz! Our momz group is also going to Shopping Mall and we will celebrate in our own way. What’s your plan? You are welcome to drop your plan in the comment box.

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