Google page rank 2011: Pagerank updates: What is Google Pagerank?

On November 8th I was surprised to see my two-three new blogs got PR 1. So this is to inform everyone that Google has updated page rank of all blogs/websites in November. In August, the last updates was announced (that time I was not serious about blogging) and started writing food blog and blogdirectory 1 month back. And all three blogs including this homeblog got PR1. I hope this updates might bought positive output to  Blogosphere. Check your blog’s PR HERE. If you don’t see any changes in your PR, then one way it is good and work harder to meet your new goal. But if you see your PR drops then you must work harder and improve SEO, on and off page optimization. All pages/post doesn’t have same PR. As in my food blog Dahivadi/Khandavi recipe post has PR2. So work on all pages to improve your PR. If you are newbie like me then we can help each other and will meet our new goal. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question.

We talked a lot about Google PR (Google Page rank), but let’s start to know about PR and how high pr helps us?

What is PR? History of PageRank

As per wiki, The name “PageRank” is a trademark of Google. Originally PageRank was developed by Larry Page (hence the name Page-Rank) and Sergey Brin as part of a research project about a new kind of search engine at  Stanford University .Sergey Brin had the idea about”link popularity”: a page is ranked higher as there are more links to it.It was co-authored by Rajeev Motwani and Terry Winograd.


We refer PageRank to PR and it is numeric value of 0 to 10. If any page is 10/10 means that blog/website is most visited in the world. I  am surprised to see  Facebook and Google  dropped down to 9  as yahoo has maintained its PR 9 as before. In this Giant websites world, if your blog achieve PR:3 to PR5 then it is called outstanding. For getting higher PR, at least we have to start with PR 1. If you have higher PR, means more chance for your page to be appeared in the Search engine.

How PR Calculated:

PR is Google’s algorithm and it is calculated on Inbound and Outbound links.

Inbound links means, you can link your one post to another. For example, if I am writing this post and I mention my previous posts in this article is count as an inbound links. As SEO guru says it is good to link 2-3 previous posts in your article.

Outbound links is very very important and here, you have to work harder. When your page/blog links to other domains, blogs/websites, it counts as an outbound links. You can get outbound links by posting comments on other blogs, forums. Add your blog to high PR directory. You can do Link-exchange too, put someone’s link in your blogroll and ask that blog owner to do same in return. Blogdirectory 123 is giving free backlink because it is collection of blogs. If it will get high PR, all added blogs will get benefit.

What is benefit of getting High PR?

As I said, High pr page have more chance to be appeared in the Google search for specific keyword. If you are affiliate with any CPC network like Adsense, you need more traffic. More traffic means higher chance for your ads to be clicked. More clicks mean more money can be earned from your blog.

When Next update will be released:

No one know about Google but as per this year, we can assume that every 3-4 months, google announces updates so may be in Feb-March 2012, will get new updates. Until then we will have to keep fingers crossed.

 I am not SEO guru but I have attempted to learn few easy things, so if I can do it, so can you. I’ve done following steps to get PR1 for new blogs. Let’s start together.

1) Submit your site to Google webmaster

2) Submit your blog’s sitemap to Google

3) Submit your blog to

4) Submit your blog to

5) Add your blog to various directories.

6) Write meaningful comments to get backlinks.

I hope, next time when Google announce new updates, we will get high PR :)



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