Submit a site/blog to Google Search engine: How to Verify meta tags for, and self-hosted wordpress blog

As we know Google is the most accepted search engine in almost all countries, a blogger need to add his/her blog to Google database. Today’s blog tutorial (with screenshots) is “How to submit your blog/website to Google Search Engine and how to verify meta tags for, and self-hosted wordpress blog There is two ways to add your blog to Google. Both ways are free; just spend some time to get more traffic to your blog. I use 2nd way to add my all blogs to Google and that is Google Webmaster Tool.

1) Simply add your blog url/Article url to Google database

Click Here to submit your Blog url to Google

After adding your url, you will get following message



Your request has been received and will be processed shortly



This is useful for quick adding squidoo, triond etc articles to search engine because on article writing website, we don’t have access of HTML template to add meta tags.

2) Add your blog/website to Google through Webmaster tool: Most Efficient way to get your blog indexed quickly.

This is the best way to research more about your blog like keywords, search quarries, your blog position on web etc. I will explain more features of webmaster tool in my next post.

1) First sign in to Google webmaster tool through your gmail account.

2) Now click on “Add a site”. Add URL and click on continue.

3) On Next page, you will see page about “Verify ownership. Just same as in the following image.

4) There are different methods for the ownership verification, Upload an HTML file to your server is recommended method but it is possible if you have self hosted blog and you should know about ftp, cpanel and how to upload file to your file manager etc.. For self hosted blog this is the best way because sometimes we change our theme, so html code will be vanished with your theme and you have to submit your site again.

Hence for beginners, blogspot and free WordPress bloggers, you have to choose” Alternate method” Select first option that is “Add a meta tag to your site’s home page” I’m trying to add my fitness blog so you will see fitness blog’s url As soon as you will select first option; you will see verification code as shown in below image.

5)You now have to verify your ownership of particular blog/website  by adding this meta tags in the <head> section of your template. There are different procedure for each blogging platform like bloggers, wordpress, weebly and self-hosted wordpress.

Here, is all guides, choose your blog platform and follow step by steps.

How to Verify google meta tags for users(Blogspot blogs)?

If you are using same gmail account for and webmaster tool then you will be automatically verified but if you are using different gmail for webmaster tool then follow these simple steps

1) Go to to your  blogspot Dashboard.

2) Then go to Design and click on Edit HTML.

3) Look for <head>

4) Below HEAD tag (<head>) past the META tag.

5) Now click on SAVE TEMPLATE button.

6) Now go to your webmaster account and click on Verify  button.

You will get following message

Verification successful

Congratulations, you have successfully verified your ownership of —–your blog url/.



7) You now will see” Manage” button next to your blog URL in the home page of webmaster tool.


How to Verify google meta tags for Free bloggers?

How to verify your Free blog url with Google webmaster tool.

1) Go to your Dashboard.

2) In the Right side bar there, is one option called”Tool”-click on tool.

3) You will see three options, first is for google webmaster-same as shown in below image.

Copy your code in the first box and save.



4) Now go to your webmaster account and click on “Verify ”-next to your blog name

You can do this step later too. Until you will not verify your blog  should be marked as “Unverified”


How to verify Google webmaster metatag with self hosted WordPress:

1) Go to your Dashboard

2) Under Appearance, click on “Editor” button

3) On left sidebar, you will see Templates: Click on header.php

4) After head tag- paste verification code and click on “update file”

5) I suggest you to go to your webmaster tool after an hour (adding your metatag) because sometimes it takes time…

Most of the free WordPress theme has option of adding metatags through theme options. So just check your theme option before adding to header.php

How to Verify Google Webmaster metatag with free

There are millions of bloggers who uses Weebly platform to write their blog because it is very simple for beginners. So here is a guide for weebly users;

1) Go to Weebly’s  settings.

2) Click on “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)”- it is 7th option of setting page.

3 There is a box called” Header Code (you will see this line below this box ex. Google Webmaster Tools verificationMeta tag: Paste your met tag code in this box and Click on “Save”

4) Now go to you webmaster account and click on Verify Now button.

PS: Double click on each image and again double click or open in the new window for larger view.

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