What is dofollow and nofollow blog: Dofollow vs nofollow

Learn Difference between Nofollow and Dofollow blog , links. If you are in a link building process, you must know these differences or if you are new to SEO, you should know about these links.

Mostly bloggers use Blogspot and WordPress (self hosted) as a writing script. Both by default have a No- follow attributes. First you should know:

What is No follow attributes?

No-follow attributes means when users write comments or when you insert any links in your Blog post is not following links. You are telling the search engine don’t follow the inserted link either in your posts or in comments. In short, you are not allowing your reader to backlink their website to yours.

 What is Do follow attributes?

Do-follow is a popular way for showing your love to your readers that means you are offering backlinks to commentator, readers and encouraging them to write comments.  Google pagerank is depending upon Do follow Backlinks. If you don’t want to depend upon your family and friends to read your blog first make your blog “Dofollow” and try to get page indexed in Google so you will get traffic itself from different search engine. Other bloggers will attract to write comments on Dofollow blog and that’s way you will get traffic. You can write comments on other Dofollow blogs and get some backlinks for your blog.

 Pros and Cons of Nofollow and Do follow blog:


you will get interactive comments on your blog and because of offering a backlink to the bloggers, people will visit your website/blog quite often hence you can drive free traffic.


You will get lots of spam in the comments but nowadays, you can handle it easily by using Akismet Plugin that comes with self-hosted WordPress or in the Blogspot, you can do setting for comments (Moderation, approval).



Dofollow blog is very good for newcomers whose blog’ pagerank is 0 to 3 because you can easily handle spam. People always look for a Do-follow blog because commenting on No-follow blog is a waste of time. For Getting high pr, one factor is backlink and that comes through COMMENT and Link your domain to various other domains, through your blogroll . This blogs gives link juice, but make sure that outgoing link should be limited up-to 10-15 per page.

Yahooallinone is Do-follow blog so you are welcome to write interactive comment but thanks, great etc comments will be sent to the Trash.

 Learn How to change Nofollow blogspot and wordpress to Dofollow 

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  1. Great! Dofollow comes in many forms like blog commenting, forums etc!

  2. very well explained admin, i agree with your all points dofollow backlinks are the need of everyone blog

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  4. Finally i’ve got the best sources for do and nofollow. You’re so damn right about dofollow. i will change my blog attribute through your tutorial.
    thank you, Admin


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