Online Spelling Test for Elementary and Middles School Kids

Spelling and vocabulary are a key factor of English language and also to improve literacy skills of our kids . Here is a list of few words that you can use for spelling test or dictation. If parents will not give time to their kids than who else will give? So sit with your kids and give this 20 mark test and know your kids level.

  1. mayor
  2. agent
  3. disobey
  4. neighborhood
  5. weighted
  6. straight
  7. remain
  8. entertain
  9. complain
  10. explain
  11. raincoat
  12. stain
  13. trace
  14. misplace
  15. invade
  16. escape
  17. hesitate
  18. congratulate
  19. parade
  20. safety
Are you done with this test? Please write your kids score in the comment box and also suggest your ideas to help our kids in the Academic field .

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