Panipuri’s Puri receipe: Easy and quick guide for making Panipuri’s Puri

Panipuri is a yummy fast food but making puri is  challenging . I make 300 puries

 just in two hours; So here is a secret of making Panipuri’s puri faster and easier.

Ingredients for Puri:

1.      Rava-sooji(semolina)- 1 cup

2.      Maida – 4 tbs

3.      Ghee- 1 tbsp

4.      Salt to taste

5.      Oil for deep frying

6.      Club Soda for making dough

How to Make Puri/Directions to make Panipuri’s puri:

1.      Mix Rava, Maida, Salt and ghee in a bowl

2.      Add club soda to make puri’s dough. Remember, you have to make dough with club soda only-no water..Dough should be like paratha dough.

3.      Cover with wet cloth. Don’t let the dough dry.

4.      Kneed it properly and make tiny balls(marble size)

5.      Roll it or use roti-tortilla maker . I use tortilla maker to make puri faster.  In tortilla-roti maker, put 3-5 balls a little apart from each other.

6.      Now deep fry the puries until it turns puffy, light brown and crispy. Drain it in a paper towel

Note: This is kid’s friendly recipe, let them make tiny balls and press puris.

If you have to prepare it alone, then make 100 puris and covered it in a wet cloth.  Deep fry all puris at once so oil will not burn.

This dish can serve with potato fillings, pudina pani(Mint water) and sweet chutney.

Stay tuned for different version of fillings, Pudina pani and Sweet chutney recipes.

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