Top 5 ways to drive traffic to your blog/website:SEO techniques

Are you new to Blogging? Do you update your blog once in a week but No Visitors? If you have those problems then my friend you are at right place. Today, I am here to post my experience about driving traffic to the Blog?Website/Articles.

(1) Submit your blog URL to Various Search Engines:

Though submitting blog to the Search engines is a little hassle but once you will do this then Search engine’s bot will crawl your data and store in their database. So submit your blog to the Google, Bing, yahoo, Alexia, Blog Catalog etc. May be I will post how to guides in my next article.

(2) Use Social Networking and Bookmarking Websites:

Don’t use Social Networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut etc only for Chatting and uploading pic but use to share your blog post, Content with your friends and families.

Bookmarking Websites have higher PR so if you share your post on Stumbleupon, Digg, Xomba and shetoldme, it will be easier to appear your blog post in the Search engines.

(3) Keywords and Meta Tags for your post:

First of all, you should know what is keywords and Meta Tags! Keywords are important words of your post/Article Eg; If your post is about Poems written by Kids then keywords will be kids, poems, writing. When someone search for specific keywords which you have tagged them will easily appear in the search engine. So tagged them wisely.

You can use Meta tags for your blog or website. It will not useful for Article submitting websites. One can use Free WordPress plugins to generate Meta Tags.

(4) Backlinks:

Your blog should be backlinked to the various websites which has good PR. Submit an article related to your blog and include your blog’s link in the post. There are free article submitting websites such as Trions(for beginners), Xomba, Hubpages, Yahoo contributor …

(5) Create your Blog’s Facebook Fan Page:

Recently I read the news about Facebook and Google that FB knock down Google in the most visited website. So create your blog’s page @ Facebook. Stay tuned for my article about How to bring fans to your Fanpage.

Happy Blogging!


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